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Your  enthusiasm for Buddhism is shared by many members and sympathizers of Wat Dhammapateep. Countless contacts in correspondence and conversations testify it. In our 'strategic vision' is strived for the development in our 'temple' of a Buddhist Study Center which should provide an answer to their wishes and questions.
Buddhism in the East is connected with cultural and social elements of the local society in a framework of protecting laws and instances (in Thailand: Dynasty, Monk Order, Buddhist Instances and Lay Organizations) which are missing in our country.T hat support and protection therefore has to be provided by our association. Everything is strongly determined by the ideas of the Thai community and their integration in our society - which is not evident. The 'Western' interested person must be well aware of this and find a good assimilation of the Teaching in his own philosophy of life.
A considerable step was recently taken by the acquisition of a property in Muizen where, however, still a lot of work and management (construction, installation, permits, contracts etc.) are required to bring in order the legal and organizational aspects of our activities. Our Management and the monk who is participating in it, have moved already to the new location. However, a lot of activities, like the Buddhist festivals, currently carry on at the old address (Kouterdreef 37 2800 Mechelen) where the Big Buddha and the Sala (Thai constructions) still are present.  
From the foregoing results that visits, info sessions and educational projects must be restricted now. Although, on Saturday afternoon a FREE visit (unorganized, and without appointment) is possible, whereby the monk and directors who are present, eventually are available for a conversation and more information.>
Waldimar Van der Elst, President Wat Dhammapateep

pks-de-abtWat Dhammapateep, shortly called as "our temple", has the main objective to take care of the ceremonial and ritual activities in the Buddhist Theravada tradition of Thailand (and in fact of whole Southeast Asia).

Moreover this "Wat" is a center for the cultural and social objectives of the Thai-Flemish community which realized Wat Dhammapateep with the support of Thailand.

Wat Dhammapateep is open to and at the service of the whole society: the "Light of the Teaching" is shining for everyone.

May this website contribute to the happiness and wisdom of you all.

The Abbot of Wat Dhammapateep,
Phra Khruvinaithorn Somsak Subhalert

Wat Dhammapateep vzw (npo)
(Thai Theravada) Buddhist Temple
and Socio-Cultural Association
Registered Office:
Willendriesstraat 7b 2812 Muizen (Mechelen) Belgium

Enterprise number: 0892.723.959

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