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vesak-2015-logo-thumb 27-31/05/2015 - VESAK CONFERENTIE (Verenigde Naties) Thailand delegatie Wat Dhammapateep


vesak 2015 title2

De 12de Verenigde Naties VESAK DAG CONNFERENTIE wordt zoals elk jaar georganiseerd door de Internationale Raad voor de VESAK Dag (International Council for Day of Vesak - ICDV) en gaat in 2015 van 28 tot 30 mei door in Thailand, Ayutthaya met als gastheer de Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya Universiteit (MCU) vanThailand.

Het thema voor deze conferentie 2015 is 'Boeddhisme en de Wereldcrisis".

Wat Dhammapateep werd vereerd met de uitnodiging om een delegatie te sturen. De Voorzitter (W. Van der Elst) en Bestuurder (J. Vandersloten) werden afgevaardigd.

Het is een internationale conferentie met als voertaal het Engels. Het past hier niet te gaan vertalen wat perfect wordt getoond op de website van MahaChulalongkornrajavidyalaya:

Hieronder een uittreksel van de speech van 'keynote speaker' Prof. Dr.Damien Vincent KEOWN, Emeritus Professor of Buddhist Ethics, University of London Goldsmiths:

I am honoured by the invitation to deliver this address to the 12th United Nations Day of Vesak celebration. The theme of my speech today is 'Buddhism and World Crisis.' While reflecting on the word 'crisis' I was reminded of a remark made by US President John F. Kennedy in a speech he gave in Indianapolis in 1959. The President said 'The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word "crisis." One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger - but recognize the opportunity.' I don't know if the President's understanding of Chinese was accurate, but I would like to take those words as the inspiration for my comments today.

Certainly, there is a world crisis, and this presents itself in many shapes and forms. While the world has faced many crises in the past, the threat seems greater today due to modern developments such as globalization, advanced technology, mass migration, and the accelerated speed of transport and communications. The pace of change has never been faster, allowing less time to pause in the face of the challenges that arise on every side, and less time to develop wise solutions. In the face of these challenges there is a pervasive feeling, both among individual citizens and their political leaders, of being caught off-balance and wrongfooted by events; of being swept along by a tsunami of powerful forces which are beyond the power even of governments and world leaders to control. In this context, there is a greater need than ever for Buddhist teachings to be heard, and not just heard but implemented with commitment and decisiveness

Tot slot nog een boodschap van de Secretaris-Generaal van de VN, Ban Ki-moon:

"The Buddha's message of peace, compassion and love for all living beings tells us to open our hearts and embrace all members of our human family, especially those in need. These timeless teachings can help guide governments and the international community. They can inspire our efforts to address many of the broader challenges confronting our world."

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