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The Volunteer Organization of Wat Dhammapteep

vrwgroep-fadd-20130416-pks-900pBetween 75 and 100 volunteers are working for Wat Dhammapateep. Everyone who visits the Temple and its festivals can experience the exceptional results of the efforts of the volunteers. The Temple and the Temple community are proud and grateful for what this peaceful army of unselfisch and competent workers makes possible. 

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The volunteer organization of Wat Dhammapapeteep is recognized by the Provincial Government of Antwerp: recognition number ANT20080241 of April 7, 2008.

What is volunteer work?

As stipulated in the Law* volunteer work is “any activity which is executed without payment and without obligation”. The organization cannot provide any compensation for the volunteer activities.

Who can be a volunteer?

Principally any person can execute volunteer work: young people, self-employed persons, working and unemployed persons, retired and early-retired persons, and persons who receive a benefit from the health insurance,  a living wage or other compensation. By executing volunteer work one does not lose his social security rights ! Mostly here are no formalities but it is still good to get information in the organization if one is not in a special situation.

Information note (so-called volunteer contract)

The Law concerning the rights of the volunteer stipulates that organizations working with volunteers have to made up a volunteer note or information note with mention of the rights and duties of the volunteer and the organization. This so-called 'volunteer contract" is signed by the volunteer. It mentions among others:
   -   The social goal and legal statute (of the vzw)
   -   The responsible persons in the organization
   -   The existance of the insurance contracts
   -   The respecting of the professional secret

The insurances

Without the volunteer statute, the performer of the work and the one who orders the work, are liable for the damage and the hinder thereby caused to others. The volunteer contract arranges a free insurance in these cases. Of course this arrangement doesn't apply to severe faults and damage, for instance when deliberate or with fraude (Penal Code).

Three insurances are concluded

   1.  Civil Liability. Protects the insured person against the consequences of damage which he has caused, by his fault, to 3rd parties.
   2.   Legal Assistance. Protects the interests of the insured person, in case of dammage caused to him by third parties.
   3.   Physical Accidents. Protects the insured person against physical damage which he experiences

Other laws

Works and activites executed for the Temple or inside a properties (or location) of the Temple, which are not arranged by the volunteer law, are submitted to all other going regulatory and legal dispositions (concerning vzw, work, trade, tax etc.).

Work and activities executed for the Temple or within the properties of the Temple, which are not arranged by the volunteer law, are subject to all other regulations and legislation in force. (relating to vzw, labour, trade, taxes, etc.).


* The Law concerning the rights of the volunteer of July 3, 2005.  (Belgian State Gazette August 29, 2005), and  later adaptations and decrees of application as the  adaptation of July 19, 2006 (Belgian State Gazette August 1, 2006).
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