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[01/05/2019 Remark presiidentr Waldimar Van der Elst:
In accordancce with the new legislation for vzw (CCA - Code for Companies and Associations) certain terms are adapted in Dutch; At the moment the right translation in Engliush is not establischt yet.

The General Assemblies:

16/03/2018 Annual General Assembly

17/03/2018 Annual General Assembly

18/03/2017 Annual General Assembly

19/03/2016   Annual General Assembly

01/07/2015   Special General Assembly

21/03/2015   Annual General Assembly

15/03/2014   Annual General Assembly

16/03/2013   Annual General Assembly

20/10/2012   Special General Assembly

17/03/2012   Annual General Assembly

02/11/2010   Special General Assembly

The Board of Directors since 01/05/2017:

Phra Khruvinaithorn Somsak Subhalert     Hoofdmonnik/ Head Monk

Dhr./M. Waldimar Van der Elst     Voorzitter / President

Mevr./Mrs. Thitirat Muangchan     Ondervoorzitter / Vice-President

Mevr./Mrs. Chatchalai Chua-apai     Penningmeester / Treasurer

Dhr./M. Eddy Baetens     Bestuurder / Director

Dhr./M. Santi Kunlatham     Bestuurder / Director

Mevr./Mrs. Galaya Liawseng     Bestuurder / Director

Dhr./M. Kristof Pieter     Bestuurder / Director

Dhr./M. Jan Vandersloten     Bestuurder / Director

Mevr. Renoo Vermaelen     Bestuurder / Director



Non-Profit Organisation

Wat Dhammmapateep (WDP) has a legal personality [incorporate] in the form of a "vereniging zonder winstoogmerk (vzw)" [non-profit organisation] published in the Belgian State Gazette of Oktober 22, 2007.

General Assembly and Board of Directors

As defined iin the law* and in the statutes, WDP is managed by two organs, the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.

At the foundation the association consisted of seven Effective Members, two with Thai** and five with Belgian nationality (four with Thai origine). They formed the General Assembly and from its members the directors of the Board were nominated.

Every year on the last Saturday of March the General Assembly takes place. On that occasion the situation of the association is explained and important decisions are taken.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the daily working and the activities of the association and decides about it by consensus on the meetings of the Board which principally take place every month.

Since the reorganization of 2012 the Board is formed by a maximum of fifteen directors with the following functions and responsibilities:

The head monk

All Buddhist matters, organization of the association (Thai aspects, for instance in the volunteer organization), public relations (Buddhism)


The president

Presiding the Board, organization and representation of the association, human resources, public-relations (Dutch).


The vice-president

Replacing the president, organization of the association, integration, public relations (Thai)


The secretary

Correspondence of the Board (meeting), general administration of the association.


The treasurer

All financial matters


The other directors

Have a certain function or the competence for a department: Administration, Commercial matters, Communication, Coordination, Cultural matters, Education, Infrastructure, Social matters.

Departments and Committees

In Wat Dhammapateep the activities are organzied and coordinated in a structure of departments and committees.


* The law of June 27 1921, which regulates the 'verenigingen zonder winstoogmerk' (vzw) [non-profit organization], changed in 2002.
** In Thailand the Effective Member Mr. Utsaha Piboonbun, representative of Wat Chakkawatrajawas.

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