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It is a responsiblity of the members of the Thai-Flemish Community and all other Buddhists or symphatizers of the Temple to take care of the further development of the Temple so that the goals can be realized. With your help the Temple forms a special center of Buddhist, cultural and social activities. The number of members is a proof for the importance and significance of our Temple in this society.

When you just want to support the goals of the Temple or when you make use of the services and activities of Wat Dhammapateep, then become a member. You need absolutely not to be a Buddhist or to pay any membership fee. The conditions are:

  1. adulthood (it is in the Law) 
  2. respect for Buddhist and cultural values and symbols of Wat Dhammapateep 
  3. accepting and respecting our statutes and rules
  4. not being refused by the Board of Directors 
  5. fill in and deliver the application form

The membership is personal: it is on one name and counts for only one person.  It cannot be put on the name of a couple, a company or an organization.

The application form mentions two options (fill in yes or no):

  1. the option to receive information (by mail) about the activities (like the Buddhist festivals). Consider that it costs us about 15 € per person per year. You better could read that information on this website and download it or print it out. lidmaatschap-aanvraag-thumb
  2. the option to donate a yearly free contribution (donation) of 25 €. This is a kind of donation, absolutely free and thus not a membership fee or another obligation. Even if you choose 'yes' you will first receive a letter with a deposit or transfer form for the bank and you can still decide if you wish to pay.

Download or print out the membership application form and deliver it to the Temple -->

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