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The sala is a pavilion, a construction of a roof on four pillars.

The building has no specific Buddhist function. It is used as for different goals as may appear from the pictures below: for the protection of Buddha images, for sitting places for small meetinges, for a relax talking eventually with a Thai snack and drink.

In Wat Dhammapateep the sala is built in Thai style (why the name is salathai) in a special kind of wood (which needed a permission in Thailand).


ho-rakhang-20110727-175710-wv-450pAt present five sala are build on the location of the Temple. The first was a bell-tower, the Ho-Rakhang  (click on picture at the left for more details).

salathai-20110614-185205-wvde-450pIn 2011 the big salathai came to Mechelen, for general use. See the picture at the right: 

In 2013 three other salathai were dressed up. One for the images of the Big Stone Buddha, one for the monks during the ceremonies in the garden with the stone 'asana' (sitting place), and a third one whererin a sculpture of the Buddha under the Naga is placed. See the pictures hereafter.



Read more: 12/05/2011 Delivery of a salathai from Thailand in Wat Dhammapateep


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