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label-website-in-opbouwbig-yellow-monk-20140206-450pThe Temple possesses a number of Buddha images. They are placed in the Vihaan on the ground floorand in the meditation room at the first floor. 

The most famous is the Big Stone Buddha in the garden. There are many small sculptures, only the bigger ones are mentioned hereunder.

Other images are of disciples of the Buddha, monks and novices, Kwan Yin and the Yakshas in the front garden.

In the vihaan:boeddha-en-andere-beelden-20140210-wv

The Emerald Buddha.
In Thailand named Phra Kaew, the 'Emerald Buddha' at the Royal Palace in Bangkok. In the Temple (Vihaan) stays a bigger copy and next to it two smaller ones each associated with the seasons. Emerald here refers to the green colour.

The Whiyte Buddha.
A stone Buddha sculpture in white colour, in the meditation posture.

The Multi-Metal Buddha.

The Standing Buddha with alms bowl.

The Buddhas of the Week. Eight images for the days of the week (2 for Wednesday).

Phra Phuttiwongmunee. Life-size sculpture of the founder of the Temple.

The big yellow monk with bowl.

In the meditation room:

The Big Buddha before the Wheel of the Dhamma (Dhammachakka).

Two Discipels of the Buddha.

Kwan Yin


In the garden:

The Big Stone Buddha. In the garden stands, under a salathai, a black stone (some say granite) image of 3 m height and 12 1/2 ton weight. The nam Phra Buddha Maha Chakkavat was assigned to it.

The Naga Buddha. The Buddha besprotected by the Naga with nine heads.

In the front garden:

The Yakshas.



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