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Wat Dhammapateep includes de Temple (this is the place for the Buddhist activities) as well as the Temple Association (this is the vzw, the non-profit organization in Belgian Law), and is called hereafter in short “WDP” or “the Temple”.

WDP is a non-profit organization (vzw) and its goals are non-commercial as provided in the statutes and the law. All activities with a commercial or a profit-aspect are only allowed for the financing of the working and the projects of WDP, for the realization of its Buddhist, cultural and social goals, in favor of the Thai-Flemish community, Buddhists and all other symphatizers of the Temple.

By commercial and professional activities are meant, all activities with or without a profit goal, executed by third parties (not by Directors, Effective Members, Supporting Members and Volunteers of WDP), in WDP, in the name of WDP or organized by WDP (like the Festivals). It concerns the following activities (this is a non-limitative list):

a. trade, the presenting and selling of whatever merchandize
b. the providing in services
c. the execution of work or professional activities
d. the conducting of promotion, publicity and demonstrations

Everyone who wants to execute a commercial or professional activity - as mentioned above - MUST previously get the permission of WDP and will sometimes have to conclude a contract with WDP. A Committee of Supervision (C&PA) will "supervise" this but mainly has the task to help all the persons concerned with information and advice.

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