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A delegation of Wat Dhammapateep undertook in 2011 a pilgrimage to these places in combination with the participation in a seminary:


Read more: India-Nepal pilgrimage of Wat Dhammapateep in 2011

Four main places are mentioned by the Buddha to his disciple Ananda (Digha Nikaya II, 141) as the places that can be visited by the 'follower':

Luboeddhist-holy-places-20110302-wvde-450pmbini Lumbini Park, the place of the birth (Jati)


Bodhgaya - the Bodhi Tree, the place of the enlightenment (Nibbana)

Sarnath - Isipatana / the Deer Park, plaplace of the 1st sermon (Dhammacakkappavattana)


Kushinara (Kushinagara) - Sala Grove, the place of the death (MahaParinibbana)


Besides these there are (among others) four famous places of secondary importance:

     Rajgir - Venuvanavihar, the Monastery in the Bamboo grove 

     Sankashya the place of the descending to earth from the Tushita Heaven

     Savatthi (Sravasthi) - the Jetavana Monatery

     Nalanda - the great and oldest Buddhist university

Other less known places:

     Vaishali, Kapilavatthu, Kesariya, Kosambi, Jethian, Mathura, Prabhosa, Pragbodhi, Indasala Cave, Champanagar 

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