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There are three kinds of activities (you find them in the menu on the left).
They are the result of the statuatory goals.
1. Buddhist activities 2. Cultural activities 3. Social activities
Lessons and trainings:

    Training and ordination of novices
    Dhamma training and retreats
    Meditation group
    Buddhist Saturday School
                          (aspect Buddhism)
Lessons and trainings:
Support of disadvantaged
     (diners for homeless, etc.)
Participation in solidarity
     (national & internat. help)
Promoting integration of Thais
     (including Dutch course)
Participation in dialogue platform
   "Between Heaven & Mechelen"
Participation in social projects of
       3rd parties
Buddhist festivals and ceremonies
Ceremonies & rituals outside Temple
Participation in the Union of Thai Sangha
                                       in Europe
Organization, support Buddhism Belgium
Pilgrimage, Visit of other Temples
Infosession (guided tour) in the Temple
                            (aspect Buddhism)
Thai national holidays
Organization of benefits
Infosession (guided tour) in the
           Temple (aspect culture)
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